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Origin:  Seattle, WA.


Genres:  Rock, Stoner Rock, Progressive Rock


Years Active:  2013- Present




DedElectric is a Alternative/Progressive/Stoner Rock band from the rock and roll mecca of SEATTLE Wa.

Founded in 2013 ,the band has consisted of the same 4 members, having added their fifth member in 2021.


DedElectric weaves together a sound that transcends traditional rock boundaries. With unique guitar riffs,  in-the-pocket bass-lines, and thunderous drum beats, the group creates a sonic landscape that resonates with both classic rock enthusiasts and modern music aficionados.

Known for their magnetic stage presence, DedElectric delivers high-octane live shows that leave audiences craving more. Captivating soundscapes combined with the tight musical chemistry of the band, creates an immersive experience that takes the live audience on a sonic journey.

In the studio, DedElectric's commitment to pushing creative boundaries is evident in their discography. Each album is a testament to their evolution as artists, showcasing an ever increasing desire to explore new frontiers.

As proud representatives of the Seattle music scene, DedElectric pays homage to the city's rich musical history while forging thier own path forward. With a relentless passion for their craft and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, DedElectric is set to leave an indelible mark on the rock music landscape.



"DedElectric isn’t the sort of band that any fan of hard rock should skip out on. Good and creative hard rock is becoming harder and harder to find these days, which makes bands like DedElectric all the more special."

-Northwest Music Scene

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